PET Image Loading and Time Averaging

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PET Image Loading and Time Averaging

Stepwise processing is started by selecting the Maximum Probability Atlas tab.


The Load FUN button for loading the PET images is located in the right control area. As usual it is an option button which needs to be set to the appropriate data format with the indicated arrow. For loading images which are not saved in a PMOD database it is recommended to use the Autodetect format. Note that the PET series may be static or dynamic.

In the case of a dynamic PET series, a new series is generated by averaging a range of frames and assigned to the FUN AVG tab. The averaging range can be defined by the From and To number fields, or dragging the range indicators in the Aver bar. After any modification of the range, the average is recalculated and the display updated.

The original and the averaged images are shown in a fusion rendering which can be controlled in the area below the controls of the individual images.