Model Preprocessing Results

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Model Preprocessing Results

The Results tab shows the outcome of the model preprocessing. Again, the information shown is highly model-dependent, and in some cases will be missing. The example below shows the result of fitting t* for the Logan plot with an error criterion of 10%. The Logan plot with the regression line is shown in the Tissue curve panel, whereas the numeric output can be found in the lower text area. The Blood data can also be inspected using the corresponding tab.

The orignal Target tissue TAC is also available, but due to the different scales of the Logan plot it appears along the x-axis. The curves actually displayed can be modified by checking/unchecking them in the curve control area below the plot.

PXMOD Model Preprocessing Results


If a target tissue was specified but t* was not enabled for fitting, the Logan plot using that t* will be shown.

If no Target tissue was specified, the plot area remains empty and the specified t* will be used as indicated in the text area.

How To Continue

The purpose of this tab is to provide information for the user to decide whether preprocessing was successful. If this is the not the case, please return to the Model Preprocessing tab and adjust the configuration. Otherwise proceed to the configuration of the desired parametric maps with the Configure Target Maps button.