PXMOD User Interface

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PXMOD User Interface

The PXMOD user interface is organized as shown below after a data set has been processed using the Vt (3 Calc. Methods) model. Note the workspace tabs which allow to work on multiple data sets in parallel. To the right there is a taskbar available providing shortcuts to important functionality.

PXMOD User Interface


The elements in the taskbar have the following functionality which is always directed to the currently selected workspace:


Load input image data. The arrow below the load button is used for switching among the available image formats.

Button Save

Save all parametric maps. The arrow below the load button is used for switching among the image formats which can be used for saving.


Close all input and result images of the selected workspace.


Open the batch mode facility.


Transfer the blood data and all TACs used in preprocessing to the general kinetic modeling tool PKIN (Option).


Switch to the previous/next model configuration in the models list. The list order can be changed in the users configuration facility.


Show a short help information for the currently selected model.

Button Settings

Open a dialog window with the configuration of all processing steps. The configurations can be edited and saved to prepare for a processing with modifications.


If this box is checked, the pixelwise processing is restricted to the slice currently shown on the Image Data page.


With this button, all intermediate data in the workspace are cleared, and then all processing steps performed including data loading using the current configuration.