PXMOD Model Reference

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PXMOD Model Reference

While the purpose and the usage of the PXMOD tool have been described above, this section presents background information about the available models and how they are implemented. For each model the relevant requirements and configurations are given in an own sub-section. The description per model specifies the:

Reference(s) according to which the model has been implemented.

Required input data such as the image data, blood data, and time-activity curves (TACs) for performing preprocessing steps, or serving as a reference TAC in reference models. Please remember that all the input data must be calibrated to calculate meaningful results, and that the right timing information and data units must be provided during data loading.

Preprocessing of the blood data to optionally correct for radioactive decay, arrival delay and bolus dispersion.

Model-related preprocessing steps required before the actual pixelwise calculations can be started.

Meaning of the model parameters.

To see how the PXMOD models should be set up it is recommended to load the prepared protocols from the example Pmod database, run the analysis, and inspect the different configuration parts.

Note: For a full understanding of the model applicability and the results interpretation please refer to the cited publications.